Which mobile networks offer the best value?

#mobile-phones Which mobile networks offer the best value?

It’s that time of the cycle again – your contract is expiring and you’re interested in looking for a new mobile network provider. But, which one is going to offer you the best in value? In South Africa, there are four main mobile networks – Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom and MTN – with smaller ones offering data and airtime deals such as Rain and Me&You. With so many options on offer, it’s difficult to see which mobile network offers the best in smartphones, data prices, connectivity, contract features and more. Mobile Store takes a look at each network and dishes on what they can offer you.

The best mobile networks ranked by value

Best internet speeds - MTN

According to MyBroadband Insights, the best network for high-speed internet in South Africa is MTN. The network took first prize for speed after thousands of speed tests were conducted from January to December 2021 in all of South Africa’s major cities. The tests collected resulted with MTN on top, offering an average of 64 Mbps for download speeds and 22 Mbps for upload speeds. East London was the only location tested where MTN came out in second place, with Vodacom taking the top spot.

Best bundles and extras - Telkom

Telkom is an excellent choice for mobile users looking for a blend of data, minutes, airtime and SMS's. For example, Telkom’s FreeMe 6 GB contract includes 6 GB of data, 1,000 talking minutes and 400 free SMS's. Most of Telkom’s contracts also include extras. This particular deal offers 200 extra minutes for calls across all networks, as well as 20 GB of free data each month for the first three months. Telkom offers value for money and a good blend for mobile users who enjoy the ease and benefits of data, minutes and SMS. 

Most affordable data deals - Me&You

This small but fierce mobile data provider offers seriously good deals on data – and we all know how expensive data can be! Because they offer SIM-only deals, Me&You doesn’t include the hefty cost of a phone into a contract price. You can get 10GB of data a month for your phone for as little as R189 per month for 24 months, or 5GB a month for R129 monthly.

Best top-up contracts - Vodacom

Vodacom has a wide-range of contracts for data, airtime, minutes and SMS's that are also on offer for topping up. If you have a contract but you’ve already run out of your data or minutes before the month has ended, you can simply purchase a once-off top-up that will expire at the end of that month. Top-up contracts are ideal for those who are on their phone a lot and perhaps use their phone for work. 

Most affordable contract - Vodacom Red Flexi 125 starting from R125 per month

If you are looking for a basic phone contract with an entry-level smartphone and a small airtime allowance, the Vodacom Red Flexi contract is for you. Starting from R125 per month for 24 months, you can get R125 worth of airtime each month with the Nokia 1.4 16 GB phone. There are other entry-level phones on offer at a higher price, but this is the most affordable one on the market for budget-conscious mobile users.

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