Travelling soon? Use these apps and digital maps to create the ultimate travel itinerary

Travelling soon? Use these apps and digital maps to create the ultimate travel itinerary

When Christopher Columbus set out in search of spices, and accidentally found the Americas in 1492 — we can make a pretty firm bet that he wasn’t using a travel app or a digital map to guide his trip. Centuries later, making a detour like that is almost impossible with the help of a number of useful travel apps and tools. 

Although we understand the rush and excitement of jumping in your car and heading for the open road without any plans or maps — Mobile Store also knows that using your phone can turn a good road trip into a great one. Let’s take a look at some helpful travel apps, and how creating a travel map can enhance any of your travel plans. 

What is a digital travel map and how can it help your trip?

This isn’t going to be a difficult one. Picture holding a large map with various pencil markings on it, taking you from city to city; country to country. 

Now, picture the enormity of traditional maps condensed into the convenience of your phone. 

A digital travel map is a detailed plan, including notes, hotel stays, stop-overs and more, to help you plan and record your trip. For travel lovers, digital nomads, bloggers and photographers — this is an especially handy and exciting tool that not only plans your trip down to a T, but allows you to memorialize all the special moments through adding notes and photos to each stop. 

A digital travel map also allows you to stay on track if you are catching connecting flights or trains and ferries across multiple time zones.

Five travel apps for fun, easy travel.


Speaking of travel maps, this is one of the best online map creators. 

It’s free to use, offers the ability to integrate your travel map into your blog — with the ability to book flights and accommodation and added travel guides with an integrated forum for you to ask questions about a place or activity. 

Imagine looking back at your trip, from city to city, and seeing all your new memories made. Travellerspoint is not just in the business of planning your trip, but of solidifying each moment and memory for many years to come.


TripIt has been a much-loved travel partner-in-crime since 2006. 

This app intuitively links events on your calendar and your booked flights and accommodation to a detailed itinerary.

From minute to minute, everything is laid out for you, so you don’t miss a single thing. 

You can also attach PDFs or documents such as your e-ticket, confirmations for accommodation, invoices for proof of payment and more. 

The interface is easy to use and understand, following a timeline-like layout so that all the information flows as you scroll down your screen. It’s available to download on the App Store and Google Play.


Specifically designed for those who love local travel, Roadtrippers wants you to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. 

As you plan your road trip, the app will suggest activities, restaurants, tourist attractions, accommodation and more along the way, to make your trip more memorable. 

Oftentimes, the best homemade brownie are the ones made by an ouma with her farm stall on the side of the road — and who doesn’t want to experience the best brownie in South Africa? 


Although Waze is typically not a travel app, it is the perfect traffic guide if you are driving in a foreign country, or a few hours from home where you may not know the area. 

Waze informs you of the speed limits on each road, lets you know when a speed camera is approaching — offers alternative routes if there is a traffic jam, and lets you know if there is a roadblock along your route. 

It’s free to use and you can download it on the App Store and Google Play.


TripAdvisor is well known for being a hub for consumer reviews for restaurants, activities and hotels — which is helpful when you’re not sure where to stay or where to eat. 

Although reviews are obviously subjective, you can get a good feel for something when reading reviews. From there, you can decide if you want to spend your time and money there.

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Booking and planning a holiday is one of the most exciting adventures to go on, and creating a digital travel map and using these helpful apps will only add to the experience. 

While you’re traveling with your phone, you’re definitely going to want a few accessories to heighten the experience. 

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