The best MTN deals in 2021

The best MTN deals in 2021

MTN lives up to its slogan of “making lives a whole lot brighter".

Rated best mobile network in 2020, this sunny-yellow provider is known for its top-class quality and great MTN deals.

Here's everything you've ever asked about MTN:

How is MTN's network quality?

Out of all the networks in South Africa, MTN ranks #1 for upload and download speeds, with a score of 9.86 out of ten. 

Meaning that MTN has the widest and most reliable range of cover and signal across the country

What MTN Tariff plan is the best?

A mobile phone tariff is the rate you pay per-second for calls or data. It's more commonly known as "pay as you go”.

Here are MTN's best tariff plans in South Africa:

  • MTN Bundle Bonanza
  • MTN Pay-Per-Second
  • MTN Talk Free
  • MTN Zone

How does MTN deal zone work?

MTN Zone Per Second is a popular tariff plan for those who frequently call and text other MTN subscribers.

You'll get 100% discounts on calls and SMSs to MTN numbers, depending on your location and time of day.

Are your friends and family members also with MTN?

Change over to this deal! Simply dial *136*4# and follow the prompts.

You can also migrate between MTN PayAsYouGo price plans once a day at no charge.

MTN's latest month-to-month deal

The latest MTN deal, launched this September, offers a contract-free, month-to-month SIM card.

This deal is perfect for avid travelers, or those whose data and talk time needs range from day-to-day. 

Are MTN phones network locked?

Most South African networks have done away with network-locked devices. You can contact your provider to unlock an old network-locked phone for you. 

MTN writes this on their welcome pack: 

“Please note: if there's a network lock on your cell phone, please bring it in to your nearest MTN store and have it unlocked free of charge.”

When are MTN upgrades due?

Most MTN phone contract deals last 24 months. We recommend you start thinking and inquiring about an upgrade in your 21st month into the plan.

What MTN deal is best for me?

MTN has been a customer favourite for South Africans since 1994. With 280 million loyal subscribers, it continues to prove its title as largest network in Africa.

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