Best Photography Phones in South Africa

Best Photography Phones in South Africa

Photography phones have come a long way! In comparison to the previous years, good quality photos were only obtainable through professional means. Lighting, editing and image quality were complicated matters and something we would never dabble in. But as the years passed and technology advanced through time, we’ve seen the advancement of photography phones!

Now, many influencers, bloggers and even the odd professional photographer stand by their choices in good mobile photography options. There used to be a time where most individuals would swear by the iPhone camera only however, in 2020; the options are endless with great mobile photography at your fingertips!

S20 Ultra

The Samsung mobile phone range is no stranger to great camera quality! Before the likes of Huawei and their impressive range of camera phones, there was Samsung, setting the trends and giving you that perfect selfie!

The Samsung S20 Ultra brings back that feeling! Claiming a change in photography phones, the S20 Ultra boasts a whopping 108MP! The best count we’ve ever seen in mobile phone cameras! The device is premium for a reason and offers 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and 100x Super Resolution Zoom thanks to the fancy camera AI, allowing you to see the minute details in your image! You’ll never miss a thing!

Have a night out on the town with the new and improved Night Mode which has been optimised for a better night sensor allowing for more light and clearer image. The 5000mAh battery life gives you more time to get more images taken!

P40 Pro

Huawei is no stranger to a beautiful camera system in their devices! Year on year, we wait in anticipation to see the improvements in the P series flagships and we’re never disappointed!

The Huawei P40 Pro was released in March of 2020, stunning audiences with its chic and sophisticated engineering in a mobile device. Visionary Photography is the slogan for the Huawei P40 Pro and that’s exactly what we get! Introducing the Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera supporting a 50MP Ultra Vision Camera, 12MP Telephoto Camera, 40MP Ultra-Wide Cine Camera and 3D Depth Sensing Camera. So, what does this mean for you? Well! Better light and clarity are part of the deal along with precise detail and improved camera AI to get you the pictures of your dreams! Enjoy a full spectrum of colour to improve the finer details and get the feel of studio quality images!

Take beautiful portraits that capture your focus’s good side with 45% better colour precision thanks to its Multi-Spectrum Colour Temperature Sensor with AI AWB Algorithm that also analyse surroundings to capture that perfect scenario, ensuring you get a natural element to your image that offers great colour, lighting and focus. Your camera will know what to do!

IPhone X

It’s hard to ignore the continually improving camera options that the Apple range awards each year, so we had to include the iPhone X to the ranks of great mobile photography devices!

The iPhone X brings a 12MP dual camera to the table. For anyone that knows iPhone camera quality, you’ll be impressed on hearing that the team has completely rebuilt a faster and larger sensor allowing for unimaginable colour, depth and great texture to your images! The device’s telephoto lens has been optically stabilised allowing for better performance in low light environments! The overall camera quality has seen large improvement in colour saturation, light and greater depth to images compared to past camera options.

The iPhone X front 7MP camera vow better selfies for those portraits we love so much with increased light and less noise producing crispy clear pictures. Play around and enjoy some of Apple’s extra camera features like in camera lighting and editing options that are in beta stages!

P30 Lite

Our last pick is a budget pick for all you “penny savers”! Although not on the premium side, the Huawei P30 Lite still captures our hearts and can capture great photography!

The device holds an Ultra-Wide Triple Camera which is quite impressive for a budget device! Released in March 2019, the device still holds great presence over mobile lovers for its overall specs, but the camera holds a special place in our hearts! Enjoy 120-degree Ultra-Wide angle to get that full shot along with the Smart Camera Assistant allowing your phone to take over and photography your life, identifying environments like food, pets and scenarios like snow and sunrises.

The front selfie camera AI highlights fewer scenarios but makes up with its AI selfie technology that beautifies your portrait and captures your face to highlight and accentuates your features in order to give you “your best side”

Let us know your best camera phone!