4 Great Apps to Have During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Boredom can really have a dulling effect on the mind when you’re unoccupied. With the COVID-19 pandemic encouraging is to stay at home, we find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands and spending more time on our phones, randomly browsing the net or on social media apps. We’ve put together 4 great apps to get you through the pandemic and keep you entertained and connected! All apps below are downloadable on both Android and Apple. Here are the must haves:

Zoom Cloud Meetings:

Zoom has become one of the most downloaded apps over the last 6 months. Opting to have online meetings over this cool app; businesses that are still operating during the national lockdown and enforcing self-isolation, keep their teams together over the Zoom teleconferencing app! With higher quality than many other video calling app options, Zoom also offers a beautification filter (because, it doesn’t hurt to look your best over video), allows you to record your meetings for later referral and share high quality video over calls. These features have not only been beneficial for businesses but even between family and friends for keeping in touch!


Don’t have a smart TV? Fear not, you can still stream Netflix from your mobile app; saving data and accessing even more features of the service like saving downloads to watch later! Sign up for the single user R99 option and access a wealth of content; movies and series. Stream all you want or save for later where you’ll be able to watch your shows if you have power cuts or internet issues at the time! You’ll have entertainment at your fingertips for hours with no repeats!


Another video app that makes the list, is Houseparty! Having recently joined Epic Game (The creators of Fortnite), the app has proven that it’s here to stay; pandemic or not! Houseparty serves as a social media-based video app that allows you to play “face-to-face” online games with your mates that use the app too; import your contacts from your phone, Facebook or Snapchat! You can interact with a single user or group options of up to 8 friends at a time! Play games like HeadsUp, Trivia and Pictionary in their own versions! Many users have reported one of the best features is being able to video chat anyone that’s online at the time giving it a social media element to the app. You also get an inbox feature like with most social media apps.

Mario Kart Tour:

If you’re familiar with the Mario brothers, you’ll know that the game is legendary! Mario Kart Tours takes the race car game aspect and put its into a fun approach for gamers that are less interested in saving a princess. We love it for its easy user experience and short bursts of fun. This game will keep you entertained for hours, whether you opt to play by yourself or use the online feature to race your friends in multiplayer mode. While an older game released in 2018, it’s deemed a trusted source of entertainment for adults and children alike. The game is free to download off your app store.

What have you been up this quarantine period? Let us know !