How Far Can Your Mobile Data Go?

We know that mobile data issues can be dreary because that data bundle doesn’t always last long enough. In between Instagram and Tik Tok videos to video-calling your bae, you find yourself topping up more than usual! It is expensive and spent so quickly! As much as we use data to keep us entertained, we use data for important matters too. But how far does your mobile data really go and how can you use it optimally? Should you consider a data deal? Mobile Store breaks it down for you!

Vodacom has generously provided customers a data calculator to see what they can get out of various bundles. According to their calculator, here’s what you can get with 1GB of data:

  • 120 minutes of YouTube videos only
  • 16 000 WhatsApp messages only
  • 244 Instagram picture updates only
  • Or a combination of 40 Facebook picture updates, 151 emails, 61
  • Instagram picture updates and 4000 WhatsApp messages!

MTN offers a different way of measuring your usage and allocates data for the time you spend online like the following:

  • Streaming music for 1 minute will cost you 2MB
  • Send or Receive 1 email with standard attachments will cost you roughly 300Kb
  • Browsing and posting to social media will cost you around 4MB

MTN does state that your usage may vary on circumstances and to use this as an outline only.

Now that we understand a bit more about our usage, we should not forget that mobile data is used for more than just Instagram updates and emails. We have some data saving considerations for you, while not compromising on your entertainment and other data needs:

Here’s what you should consider:

App updates - as a data user, you should remember that your apps need routine updates in order to operate optimally. You could miss out on important features or have your current app version crash; leaving you stranded. App updates can cost you if you do not have access to Wi-Fi. Your 1GB data bundle might not get you far with your daily operations and updates combined.

Software updates - Software updates are less common depending on your mobile, however, you might receive software updates from your mobile brand provider. These updates contain important information and upgrades to ensure your mobile is working at its peak. As much as we enjoy new versions of Android and iOS, software updates can also be high data consuming. You need to be prepared when updates are recommended.

New app downloads - If you enjoy using new applications or must download the latest mobile game then you should know that data is a necessity! New applications and games can pull a large amount of data at a time so watch your app downloads.

Cloud storage – If you’re running a storage app to back up your media, then ensure you have the correct data bundle for this! If your device uses iCloud or backs up through Google Drive, then you should know that every file you receive will back up to your online storage which utilises data when it does so which means potentially using almost double the data to receive and then back up.

Emergency data - if you’re on a prepaid contract with limited data then ensure that you monitor your usage. In the event of an emergency, you need to ensure that you have data on hand! Whether it’s to receive a WhatsApp call or use your live Google Maps.

Keep track of your data on your service provider apps and on your phone data management for an overall better mobile data use experience

Let us know how much of data you use on your mobile per month!