How do Huawei phones compare with other brands?

With humble beginnings, Huawei is now a manufacturing giant dominating the smartphone world.

Huawei phones gained global popularity due to their striking colours, unique interface and stellar cameras.

Wondering where they rank in comparison to Samsung and Apple?

You've come to the right place. Mobile Store’s got the answers you’re in search of.

Is Huawei better than Samsung?

Today, Huawei ranks as the second largest manufacturer of mobile devices, just after Samsung.

This consumer stat suggests that Samsung is the better phone, but let's take a closer look.

Samsung phones are elegant and consistently similar. They also offer the highest megapixel camera. 

But what really lands them the top spot is their range of models catering to a variety of price brackets — both high and low. They're the ‘phone for everyone’.

Huawei releases a variety of models each year too, but each differs vastly in look and feel. Huawei is constantly adapting and working on perfecting the Android platform. Their cameras are great, but known more for their optical zoom and night mode features. 

Huawei is also no longer available in the US, which counts to its production being outweighed by Samsung.

So, how to choose between Huawei and Samsung?

It's hard to say which brand is undeniably better — that depends on your needs. When you’re in the market for a new device, our advice is to compare existing models.

Figure out your price range and the features you want. If it's the standard, sleek Samsung experience you're after, nothing will quite compare. But if you're open to experiencing a new interface and unique look and feel (and don't live in the USA), Huawei may be your best bet — they’re incredibly affordable and offer great, high-quality cameras.  

Can Huawei phones be trusted?

Since the US ban on Huawei phones due to security concerns, people have been questioning their trustworthiness.

Aside from US availability, there is no evidence that Huawei smartphones are less secure than other phones on the market. 

While some question how Huawei are able to make such quality phones at the price-points they’re offering — the answer is pretty simple. China has extremely low labour costs. 

Huawei phones can still be trusted, but bear in mind that any Huawei product made post 2012 won't have any American software, like Google suite. Meaning you won't have access to apps like Google Maps, YouTube or Uber.

Is Huawei camera better than iPhone?

For most of us, the camera on a phone is the ultimate deal breaker.

Huawei is known to have a much better camera than iPhone in terms of megapixels and detail. 

However, Apple fans argue that the iPhone's camera is more user-friendly, snapping more real-life and resolute pics. The latest iPhone also takes better low-light photos than the latest Huawei phone.

In general, Huawei's cameras capture more vivid and saturated scenery, and have unparalleled zoom. 

What is the most expensive Huawei phone?

Right now, the most expensive Huawei phone on the market is the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design.  

In South Africa, you’ll pay about R26,459 for this model. 

The cheapest Huawei phone is the Huawei Y5P, going for as little R1,999.

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Is Huawei a good phone brand?

There's a reason Huawei sold 55.8 million smartphones in 2020. It's a great phone brand, enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

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