How to get Netflix in South Africa:

What have you been doing these last 2 weeks if not streaming content during the national lockdown?!

Streaming services have seen a much higher usage and sign up rate all over the world these past few weeks due to self-isolation and social distancing in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing people to stay in and snuggle up in front of their laptops and TVs! If you were looking for an excuse then here’s one right here, considering that the national lockdown in South Africa has been extended for another 2 weeks; why not take the plunge and uncover unlimited viewing content for you and the whole family!

Here’s our step by step guide to get you binge watching:

  • Ensure that your device is compatible for Netflix. You can watch on your smartphone, laptop, TV or Tablet! They work on most smartphones, tablets and smart TV’s that you can download the Netflix App on. Via a laptop/PC if you do not have the app, you should be able to just stream via a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Visit the website or download the app onto your device. Click on the Trial option or Try it for now button. If you’re lucky and Netflix is offering a free trial month you will not be billed upon sign up.
  • Once you’ve clicked through, you’ll be asked to choose a plan; basic, standard or premium. These options give you several different features. But basically, bringing it down to the number of screens you can watch on and the quality i.e. HD and Ultra HD. The basic plan will cost you R99 for the month. Standard and Premium range between R139 and R179. If you have a few friends willing to share, you can split the cost and get a premium account that affords you 4 screens; you get Ultra HD viewing and pay around R45 per month! But if not, you can opt for a basic plan.
  • Once you choose, you will be asked for your billing information. You will be billed once authorised so take note of that. You will also be notified of your billing date and can cancel at any time. Netflix is not contract based!
  • There we have it! 4 easy steps to get you ready! Whether you’re an episode per day or season a night kind of person. Netflix will, no doubt, have something for you!

Extra Tips and Tricks:

  • You can download for offline viewing. Your Netflix account allows you to download content to watch later. Depending on the movie or series, you will be given an option to download for later. Connect to the net, preferable a good Wi-Fi connection and download away! This feature comes handy when you do not have data to stream or want to watch during load-shedding.
  • If you’re on a premium plan, you can set up profiles for users. Set up restrictions if you’re sharing with a child!
  • We’ve heard some rumours around a secret menu that unlocks hidden content! We can’t confirm but many sites we’ve researched have offered the following guide: Visit and replace the xx with various codes that are available here , allowing you to view an amazing selection of new viewing! Give it a try and let us know if it works!