How to Manage & Cancel a Telkom Subscription

How to Manage & Cancel a Telkom Subscription

Have you ever felt yourself getting more and more confused and you try to unravel the ins and outs of a provider page? It’s like they design them to be so complicated for you to cancel that you just give up in the attempt and succumb to a lifetime of inferior subscriptions. But don’t fret, in this guide, we’ll be taking you on a journey. The destination? Understanding everything about your Telkom subscription. 


Understanding Telkom Subscriptions 

Navigating Telkom subscriptions can seem like a complete maize which is why you’ve got to understand how they are set up.  

A typical Telkom subscription plan includes data bundles, voice minutes, and SMS packages. Some plans even come with bonus features such as complimentary Wi-Fi or music streaming services which we’ll dive into in a bit. 

Types of Telkom Subscriptions

Telkom has heaps of options for lots of different needs. You get Prepaid Plans for people who prefer to control their own package and you get Contract Deals for people who prefer to have a set amount of data or voice minutes etc. Top Up Contracts on the other hand provide flexibility. For those who spend most of their time on calls, there are “Unlimited Plans. 

Essentially it boils down to simply understanding your communication habits and matching them with suitable options available from Telkom. Heavy Internet user? Look out for heavy data plans. Regular long-distance caller? Opt for a package with unlimited voice minutes. SMS enthusiast? There's an option with generous SMS bundles too. 

Mobile Store is a great resource when it comes to comparing plans and helping guide you through the process of choosing one. 


Cancelling Telkom Subscriptions

Decided to cancel your Telkom subscription? Keep reading for more tips on how to get it done.


The Process

Primarily, you need to gather the essential information you need, such as your account number and personal data. This helps you avoid standing in a line for an hour at their store before being told you they can’t help you because you don’t have any proof of ID or whatever they may need. 

If you’re going the online route (which we highly recommend) then visit Telkom's cancellation page on their website. You’ll find it has detailed steps on how to proceed with cancelling subscriptions.


After completing their online form or sending an email request as per their instructions, you can expect to wait about 30 days for cancellation. It’s important to remember that cancellations can only be done at month-end due to billing cycles. 

How to Cancel Subscriptions on Telkom Using USSD 

  1. Dial *180# 
  2. Select Telkom Plus (option 5) 
  3. To do it yourself, select option 9. Pending and active subscriptions will be displayed on this page 
  4. Choose active subscriptions (option 1) 
  5. Spot active subscriptions, then remove or unsubscribe from them 

You'll get a confirmation message that your membership has been cancelled once you have followed all the instructions and finished the cancellation. 

How to Cancel Subscriptions Using the Telkom App 

  1. Install the Telkom app 
  2. Sign up for a Telkom account or sign in if you've already got one 
  3. Search for subscriptions or services and choose the subscription you want to cancel 
  4. Follow the cancellation prompts on the subscription details page 

How to Cancel Telkom Service Using Telkom Website 

  1. Visit 
  2. Login 
  3. Go to the profile page 
  4. Click “Manage Services” or “My Subscriptions” 
  5. Click cancel and follow the prompts 

How to Avoid Unnecessary Charges 

If you don’t remember anything else, remember this! Telkom charges fees if cancellations aren't made properly! So, always check whether you have any pending payments before cancelling. Also look out for possible early termination penalties that may be associated with your contract. This is often the case with contracts that were taken under promotional offers. 

Cancelling your Telkom subscription shouldn't be a complex process. The most important things to do are make sure you're informed about the potential charges that may come your way and ensure you have everything you need to smoothly navigate through this transition period e.g. ID and proof of residence or the like. 

Your Rights 

If things get sketchy while trying to cancel, always remember that The Consumer Protection Act gives every South African the right to cancel fixed term agreements within a specified period without penalty but may require reasonable notice period. You can find this under Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act.  

Still Need Help? 

If you don’t manage to follow the cancellation steps on their website, it’s best to contact Telkom’s customer service and they can guide you further on how to proceed. 


Checking Your Telkom Subscription Status 

If you've been wondering what your current Telkom subscription status is, it's relatively easy to find out. 

To check your subscription status, start by visiting the Telkom website. Then log in and navigate to 'My Account'. 

Find the Information You Need 

Once you’ve logged in, locate and click on 'Manage Subscriptions'. Here lies all the information regarding your active subscriptions with Telkom. 

The data displayed will include details such as package name, price per month and even activation date. 

If issues arise while checking your account or understanding its contents – remember there is always help available from Telkom Customer Service. 

Checking your subscription status regularly is a smart move that will enable you to be aware of any alterations in fees or package specifics. After all, no one likes spending bucks they don’t have to. 


Benefits of Having a Telkom Subscription 

Telkom provides speedy internet access and a bunch of exclusive packages. This includes a combination of mobile data, voice minutes and SMS bundles. So, whether you need more talk time or data - they've got a package for you.  

Reliable Network Coverage 

Telkom's vast network coverage across South Africa, means your connection will stay strong wherever you go. The wide-reaching service ensures consistent signal strength for uninterrupted browsing and clear calls.  

Affordable Plans and Value-Added Services 

Beyond regular offerings, Telkom subscriptions: 

  • Come loaded with perks like free Wi-Fi at thousands of hotspots nationwide 
  • Are priced fairly, offering value-for-money deals that won’t break the bank 
  • Are easy to use thanks to their user-friendly app 
  • Include great benefits such as Mo'Nice offers 

Great Customer Service 

Telkom’s dedication isn’t limited to great plans alone. They make sure users get top-notch customer support too.  

To sum it up, the Telkom subscription offers more than just connectivity – you get value for money, extensive coverage and good customer service. 


Common Subscription Issues 

If you're dealing with a Telkom subscription, there are several common issues that might pop up. 

Trouble Activating Your Subscription 

Activation issues often come down to errors in the registration process or network glitches. Checking your account details and restarting your device usually helps. 

Unexpected Charges on Your Bill 

This could be due to additional services like international calling or data overages. Always review Telkom's tariff guide, it'll give more insight into potential extra costs. 

Poor Network Coverage 

Sometimes these issues occur if you're in an area with weak signal strength from Telkom’s towers. 

Frequent Disconnections During Calls/Data Usage 

This issue is usually as a result of network congestion, especially during peak hours. 

Inability to Cancel or Modify the Subscription Plan 

If cancelling or modifying a plan is too difficult to handle online, you can always call their help centre or visit a physical store. Just don’t forget to take your relevant documents along to avoid further frustration. 


How to Telkom Contact Customer Service 

If you need help with your Telkom subscription, contacting customer service is simple. Here’s a few ways you can do it.  

Using the Telkom Website 

The quickest way is through the official website. Once on the Telkom website, locate the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page and click it for quick access to their contact details.  

Have your account number handy to hurry the process along. 

Telkom Mobile App 

If you don’t already have the app, visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download it. After logging into your account, find "Help & Support," then select “Talk to Us” or a similar option depending on updates and you should be connected to someone who can help. 

Phone Call 

If you’re a traditionalist, simply give them a call. Dial 10213 from any South African line during working hours (Monday-Saturday: 8am-6pm; Sunday: 8am-1pm). 

  • Have your account number and ID ready to help speed up the process. 
  • If you're calling from a Telkom line, it's free of charge. Otherwise, standard call rates apply. 

Social Media Channels 

For a quick solution, customers can turn to Telkom's social media channels. Check out Telkom’s Facebook page, or tweet them on Twitter @TelkomZA. Just remember not to share sensitive info publicly. 


Tips for Managing Your Telkom Subscription 

Getting the most out of your Telkom subscription doesn't have to be a mission. Here are some tips for managing your account.  

Stay Informed 

Managing your subscription well means being aware of the data, talk time, and SMS limits included in your specific package. This will help you avoid unexpected charges for exceeding the limit.  

Keep Track of Usage 

A great way to stay on top of your data and call minutes is monitoring usage with the Telkom Mobile App, which provides real-time stats. 

Optimize Data Consumption 

To make sure you're not burning through your monthly data too quickly, consider optimizing it. As an example, download movies or music when connected to Wi-Fi instead of using mobile data and if possible, limit video streaming while using data too. You can also set up data alerts that will send you a notification when you reach certain thresholds. 



Provider pages can be incredibly confusing and sometimes it may feel as though they are hiding the buttons for cancelling your subscription or checking your account details. However, understanding your Telkom subscription doesn't have to be a difficult task and hopefully this guide has made understanding the ins and outs less daunting.