5 Mobile Apps to Make your Life Easier!

The age of digital transformation has been upon us for a while now but its only through recent times that we’ve really seen the importance of technology! The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought about change and reliance on our mobiles, from entertainment to news and everything in between! Your mobile has the power! We’ve put together 5 “must-have” apps to have on your mobile not only through the COVID-19 pandemic but through life regularly to make your life easier and help you navigate through life online!

  1. Banking App

Take transactions online with your mobile banking app! Internet banking has been the recommended method of paying bills and transacting with your bank through the COVID-19 pandemic. But mobile banking has made the lives of many people much easier over the years, by continually developing and offering services over the internet like bank statements and the ability to change your card limits all online. Depending on the bank you’re with, you can do anything from taking the LOTTO to purchasing electricity from your banking app! Save online by opening a savings account and monitoring your progress! Your banking makes it easier to purchase online by allowing for authorisation of payments and even paying your friends with Geo-payments and managing your banking points like E-Bucks or UCount.

  1. Food delivery

Lockdown level 4 has allowed for the delivery of take away in your area so why not take a night off cooking for the first time in a month? Mr D Delivery and UberEATS are 2 of the top choices to facilitate the ordering and delivery of your take-away! View the menu, order what you crave, pay for and track your order all the way to you home via one of these handy apps! Make life easier by keeping all your treat options in one app and not worry about placing your order via a telephone which can sometimes get messy! The options are endless! Food delivery apps are handy in most scenarios, delivering to your home and work addresses. You also receive discount codes and free deliveries through these apps making it worth it!

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  1. Google Drive/OneDrive

Move your documents and pictures online with a cloud storage and never struggle to locate them again! Your world should be at your fingertips without having to dig through piles of paperwork and old files to find important documents when you need them the most. Eradicate unnecessary worry and frustration by scanning and electronically filing documents like your CV, birth-certificates, housing documents and other paperwork on your cloud storage. This process makes new applications and follows up super easy and simple to track. It’s time for a paperless age!

  1. Facebook

Everyone needs a little social media in their lives! But Facebook not only serves up your daily social media but also serves as a centralised place to follow news page and stay in touch with your loved ones. Find sources of entertainment from images, video and other viewable content to playing online games and chatting up your old high school flame via Messenger! The Facebook app is our first choice to centralise all entertainment we need online!

  1. Job Seeking

If you’re still seeking employment through newspapers, where have you been?! Online apps like Pnet and Careers24 have built interactive, easy platforms for jobs seekers. Whether you’re actively looking for employment or just browsing the job market; you can find all you need on a single app. Upload your CV, have an online profile for recruiters to find you and set up job alerts for positions that become available and find your dream job in a single place!

So maybe this is the perfect time to get online and try it for yourself! A little change never hurt anyone! You can have it all over your mobile nowadays!