Mobile Data Price Comparison In South Africa

With a large number of South Africans still working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the price of connectivity and mobile data in South Africa on the frontline.

South African data prices are known to be some of the highest in the world, ranking 148 out of 228 countries. While South Africa may offer better prices than Canada and the USA, it is still more expensive than most African countries, sitting at 33rd highest out of 46, on average 1GB data costing R88.

In December of 2019, the Competition Commission ordered MTN and Vodacom to decrease their mobile data prices, after finding them excessively expensive, resulting in an average price cut of 33% at the start of the Government ordered South African Lockdown. This had a positive impact on the scores of South Africans who would be working from home for an unprecedented duration in the months to come, in many cases operators even increased bandwidth to assist with the uptake in demand.

This increase in demand of mobile data, and the surge of home-usage requirements, prompts the question of where you can get the most bytes for your buck.

Here’s a direct comparison of South African mobile data prices per gig:

enter image description here

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