A Quick Guide to Mobile Data: Saving Data

As promised, today Mobile Store brings to you 6 useful and simple tips on saving and using mobile data sparingly on your smartphone:

  1. Check your settings: one of the many reasons of disappearing data is often applications that run in the background that require mobile data to update: Facebook and Instagram being 2 examples that receive notifications when activity occurs. Often devices update with weather or home screen offerings like magazine apps and GPS maps. Disable unnecessary applications that you don’t use at all to help curb usage.

  1. Turn off your automatic updates: Mobile applications are constantly being improved. But the updates can cost you data while away from Wi-Fi zones. Make sure that these applications update only over Wi-Fi. You can find these settings in your device store usually in the settings option. Ensure that you opt to update software over Wi-Fi; these updates can be quite large and use a large amount of data in one update.

  1. Turn off your mobile data when you’re not using it is one of the easiest ways of conserving your data. If you don’t need mobile data at certain times of the day then turn it off; not only will you prevent accidental usage that often happens when you absentmindedly browse through your phone but this way you also save your phone battery life. Turn off your data at night or when you’re playing games, these small actions prevent any data from being used. Mobile data should also be turned off before handing over your devices to children and ensure these options cannot be turned on easily from any menu sections on the device.

  1. Get a data tracker. This will help you keep track of your usage and monitor how much you use during a day or week and also help you space how you browse the internet or social media. Budgeting is a key action to ensure your data goes a long way. By monitoring your usage, you can track your browsing and app’s data usage, this allows you to view which apps may be consuming large amounts of data.

  1. Use a data friendly browser when reading online articles or browsing social media. There are various browsers that load webpages not fully understanding when the user is utilizing mobile data thus using the same amount of data it would if you were browsing on a computer. By using a browser like Opera Mini or enabling the Data compression feature on Chrome you are able to load normal webpages by compressing the webpages you’re viewing and using a lesser amount of data on your device.
  2. Last but not least, if all else fails and you can’t seem to figure out the great game of mobile data then contact your service provider for assistance. More than often an in store sales assistant or support person can assist you by ensuring that unused settings and apps are disabled thus reducing your consumption of mobile data.

As much as the need for mobile data grows, we find ourselves as consumers at a current disadvantage over the price of data on monthly if not weekly basis. While we await the news of lowering data costs we can use what data we have to our advantage by following the given tips.

What are your thought over the #DataMustFall campaign?