Staying Safe with Life360

Over the last few months, South Africa has seen an alarming rise in crimes and violence throughout the country. Being alert and aware has never been more important to South African as you could become a victim of crime at any moment, no matter where you are.

Mobile Store recently tried out a popular safety app: Life360. Life360 is a family safety and tracking application used on mobile devices that was launched back in 2008 that uses GPS tracking systems to track your mobile and thus, your whereabouts. The app has a free option and a paid option; giving you various premium features like driver tracking, extended history and unlimited alerts for R65.99 per month.

Getting started:

To get started, simply download the app from your phone app store onto yours and your family members mobile phones. Register your details; name, contact number and profile image, which is optional. Once set up, you can create various circles on the app which can include family members; friends or even co-workers to track their whereabouts. Create a circle and share the code created to add the individual into the circle/group. Once added, ensure that yours and the circle members’ GPS and mobile data option is active on both devices.

Once enabled, the app will start tracking circle member’s movements and the places that everyone has been to. You can add addresses of places you go to often and create alerts to notify a family member when you arrive home or leave work. Group chats are also available within a circle so you can keep in contact without needing to switch apps.

While we do realise that the premise of a tracking app may sound creepy or invasive; the app serves as a security measure to keep your family and friends close so that you can react in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Also note that you cannot become part of a circle unless you accept the code from another member of the circle, so tracking is voluntary.

One of the features we love is the emergency assist which, once triggered; alerts your emergency contact that you are in trouble. The alert is accessible on the app.

Do you have any safety measures in place for you and your family?