The Importance Of Data Backups

We all know that sad, sinking feeling of losing our favourite song or photo off our phones; there are those moments when you’re deleting random pictures off your phone, making space for additional content and you’ve accidentally hit delete on one of your favourite pictures or even worse; you’ve had your device stolen altogether and have lost everything.

While we cannot completely avoid the mistake of deleting data or having our phones stolen, we can ensure that we have copies of our most precious data stored away in safe spaces for later use.

Today, Mobile Store brings you 4 tips for back up data:

A primary way of backing up data is opting to create a backup of your device’s data on an external hard drive or personal computer or both. In the event of losing either, you will still have at least one copy. This is the simplest way of backing up data; using a cable and copying everything over. It costs you nothing but a few moments of your time.

Opt for Cloud storage if you don’t have access to an external hard drive. Cloud storage allows you to “place” your data on an online server and retrieve it over a network whenever you need it. An advantage of this process allows you to access data that isn’t stored on any of your devices at all. Dropbox and iCloud are among the various providers that offer cloud storage facilities. An advantage of this method is having cloud back up running constantly, enabling you data to be automatically backed up when you have a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need to make time out of your day to do this as it’s an automated process.

Regularly move your data from your phone to your backups: This leads to better performance on your device and frees up space for when you need it. Schedule your back up times and create a habit around the idea; this makes the process easier and ensures it happens on the regular. Pick a day in the month or week and set your devices up to backup while you shower or make dinner. You’ll be grateful; in the event of data loss you might only lose a few days or weeks’ worth if your data is corrupted.

Opt for the Google account back up option on your device: Many devices offer their users the opportunity to create a back-up copy of their data onto their Google accounts. This comes in handy when switching to a new phone or in the event of losing your data on a device that can be restored. Google allows you to back up the following: app data, calendars, contacts, Chrome and a range of other data.

Pro tip:

Don’t forget to scan and back up important documents like your ID or birth certificate onto an external hard drive or cloud storage that is secured. It pays to keep a soft copy in the event of a fire or move of house whereby these documents can be easily lost. This also makes it easier to submit online certifications and pick out quick information when you don’t have the actual document on hand.