To Tik Tok or Not?

Lockdown or Quarantine choose your isolation term! It doesn’t change the fact that most of us are still bored stiff at home! Unable to work or play outdoors with friends and family, we’ve resorted to social media for communication and entertainment to fill the time in the day! But Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we’ve found yet another app that keeps us glued to our mobile for hours on end!

Humorously entertaining content is one of the many kinds of short videos (up to 60 seconds to be precise depending on a few factors) you’ll find on Tik Tok! From friends to celebrities alike, Tik Tok has become the latest craze! But believe it or not, the app has been around the block for a while now and rose to stardom in late 2019 when videos started circulating on social media channels. Not simply for the younger generation, Tik Tok holds major popularity with a wide range of individuals. Social media influencers, local and international celebrities have all been drawn into the fun that the app holds!

Facebook and Instagram then we’ve a step by step guide for you! Here’s your How to on Tik Tok:

  1. Start by downloading the official app from your Mobile App Store
  2. Open your app, allow notifications and click on the “Me” icon to access the sign- up option. You can use your email address, cell phone number or even sign-up through Facebook, Google or Instagram. Follow the prompts depending on your choice of sign up.
  3. 3.The app assigns you a username which can be changed later along with other changes like your profile image and privacy settings.
  4. 4.Once your profile is ready, you’re good to go! Take your time to explore through your feed and learn about other user accounts and the kind of content they post. You’ll find everything from DIY to funny vine videos and even pet related content. You can hop onto “Tik Tok” #challenges and follow other users prompts and recreate their videos on your own. Much like Instagram and Facebook, Hashtags can create hype and attention on your videos especially if they’re popular topics. You can find challenges by tapping on search option which allows you to look for specific challenges, content creators or content. Your main feed works much like Facebook and Instagram with customised content to suit your tastes and secondary feed with content that you might enjoy much like Facebook or Instagram Explore option, showing you content from different creators. You’ll notice on every Tik Tok video, there will be a set of interactive buttons that allows you to go to the content creator’s profile (If you like their content, tap on the icon and give them a follow!), “Like” a video, comment and reshare it as well as view the music tracks used in each video.
  5. Ready to create a video? Creating videos on Tik Tok is the whole point! There are a few ways to create a video. One, by clicking on the + icon at the bottom of your screen or viewing a song record from another content creator’s video that you may like, click on “Use this sound”. Give the app access to your camera and microphone and you’ll be taken to a camera screen where your new adventures await! Creating a video on Tik Tok gives you a host of different options and variants of filters and other cool bits of art to add to your video. The interface works much like Instagram where you’ll find options like uploading your own pre-captured video and adding additional effects from the app. Click on the Effects button and explore! You can also access the selfie option by tapping on the little phone icon at the top of your screen. There are tons of other options along the right side of your screen; speed, beauty, filters, trim your video length and add music tracks to your video! Click on the middle record button to record your video and tap the tick icon once you’re done in order to edit the video you’ve just taken. Once you’re done, tap on Next and get your video posted! Don’t forget to add video details like a description and select the video privacy options you wish to go with. Find all your videos, along with your favourite videos/hashtags/sounds on your “Me” option at the bottom of your mobile.
  6. Don’t forget to jazz up your own profile by tapping on the “Me” option and changing up your username, profile image and adding a cool bio blurb for yourself. Link your channels like Instagram and YouTube and change your privacy settings
  7. Like all other platforms you will receive an inbox feature which holds all interactions that people have performed on your videos and you can send and receive private messages from other users.

There we have it! Those are basics that you need to get going on your Tik Tok journey!