Mobile Store’s Top Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

Technology has become part of our daily lives. We use mobile phones, laptops and other media devices as routine and often find ourselves momentarily lost on the internet more than often in the day. The Internet has allowed us to access an immeasurable amount of information, entertainment and has also made life much easier by giving us the ability to bank online, order food and even purchase items online. But with all the fantastic things we can achieve on this platform on our devices, we also face new challenges every day.

Today, Mobile Store shares 5 tips to stay safe on the World Wide Web:

  • Always remember to log out of your internet banking portal and never follow suspicious links via E-mail regarding your banking information. Internet theft has become a large problem that we face on a daily basis. If your banking details are compromised, it is not difficult to become a victim of online theft.
  • Ensure the sites you visit and hold sensitive information are “HTTPS” protected; in other words, ensure that the address bar hold a lock symbol. This ensure that your information is protected.
  • 2 Factor Authentication is often recommended for extra protection on the internet as it involves login details, password and an additional pieces of information that the user would only know
  • A simple yet useful tip is using a vibrant password when securing sensitive information. A combination of numbers, characters which include capital letters and punctuation that cannot be easily connected to you makes for a great password and ensures that individuals cannot simply guess your password in order to access any of your information.
  • Be cautious about what you post on social media and ensure your privacy settings are maximised. Online predators tend to monitor patterns when choosing targets by analysing locations you post from or places you go to often. A particular example of posting about your gym or lunch location habits are quite common, you can find yourself as an easy target if a predator knows where and when you go to these places.

Don’t forget take into account that the security on most sites are there to protect the site and not you as a user, you are responsible for the security of your own information.