Ultimate guide to growing on TikTok: Strategies for success

Ultimate guide to growing on TikTok: Strategies for success

TikTok is all the rave right now and reasonably so. This app, which started off as a lip-sync and dance app, has grown to something so much bigger (and dare we say, better). Today, it has billions of international users and people making money off it. And the truth is, it's fair game when it comes to TikTok's algorithm. So, if you're looking to expand your online presence, whether as a business or personal page, here's your guide to growing on TikTok.

Guide to Growing on TikTok

There's no straight-cut formula to this which is why many people are clueless about navigating their way to the top. And if we're being frank, growth on TikTok isn't easy, folks. If you don't understand how to grow sustainably on this platform, reaching the pinnacle might remain just a dream. But if you do, you're well on your way to being a TikTok superstar. In this guide to growing on TikTok, we'll discuss the TikTok algorithm, rules of engagement when it comes to creating content for TikTok, the art of hashtags, partnering with influencers, and analysing your performance to see if what you're serving the crowd eats.

1. Understand the TikTok algorithm

To truly master TikTok, you have to crack the code of its algorithm. This would take some tech-guru level of understanding but the gist of it is this: the TikTok algorithm, like any other social media platform, serves up content it thinks you'll enjoy based on your past behavior.

  • This includes videos you've shared or liked.
  • Your following.
  • Even details of your interactions, like how long you watch a video.
  • It also considers details about the videos themselves - hashtags used, location tags, etc.
  • And it takes into account information from your device and settings - language preference, location setting, and more.

Understanding this is like having a secret weapon in your TikTok arsenal; it can help you in crafting content that connects with your viewers and gets you more visibility. Now, we know it may seem overwhelming at first, but trust us, it's essential for TikTok's success. Next up, we'll dive into creating engaging content, which plays a major role in leveraging the power of the algorithm. Let's keep moving.

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2. Create entertaining, engaging thumb-stopping content

There are two important rules we'll want to look at for this point. They're simple but not easy.

Rule #1:

Engagement is the lifeblood of TikTok success. It's proven by mind-blowing TikTok statistics that the more your content resonates with your audience, the more it encourages interaction which in turn, shoots up your chances of going viral and being the next TikTok star. Remember this rule every time you think of content pieces. Ask yourself: Will this video resonate with my viewers? Will it provide value? Or will it be for entertainment purposes? Ideally, you should tick at least one box.

Rule #2(ish):

The type of content you send out will determine the engagement you get back.

  • Create videos that are fun, creative, and authentic. This will boost your engagement rates.
  • Incorporate trending songs or challenges into your content - it's a surefire way to get noticed on this platform.
  • Showcase behind-the-scenes footage or share personal stories - these types of posts often see high levels of interaction.

Creating engaging content? That's your golden ticket to audience connection. To get well-shot content you need a smartphone that can keep up. If you're on your journey to TikTok stardomship, stop by Mobile Store and get the best deal on a new phone to help you get there.

3. Master the art of hashtags

TikTok is like a wild jungle, and hashtags are the compass that leads users through its untamed terrain. Plus, with more and more TikTok users using the platform as a search engine, using the right hashtags paired with key words people would search will help your content get noticed. It's no longer just about using trending hashtags to get noticed. It's also about using key words that will your content be found for someone looking.

Think of hashtags and keywords as the secret sauce for your content. Using them strategically can skyrocket your visibility and engagement. Jumping on trending hashtag challenges is a surefire way to reach new audiences and flaunt your creativity. Using the correct keywords guarantees that your content will rank high for somebody using the same words to search for it. Understanding how these elements work together is the ultimate power move for growth on TikTok.

4. Work with influencers

Word on the street is that people trust the word on the street. In this digital age, influencer marketing is a powerful tool to boost your visibility and reach as well as leverage off that person's audience. If you're a brand looking to grow on TikTok, this step is specifically for you. 

But before our aspiring TikTok stars take off, this step could also be for you; partnering with influencers has shown to be effective way for everyday TikTok creators to grow on the platform as well.

Step #1: Find the right influencers

The most important step in the process of influencer marketing is finding the right influencer to work with. Start by identifying relevant influencers in your niche who align with your brand values then work from there. Pairing with a fashion influencer as a glass-making company wouldn't make much sense. Same as collaborating with a food influencer when you're a makeup girlie.

Step #2: Partner up for success

Two is better than one. Create partnerships for content creation or promotional campaigns to effectively leverage off each other's audience base. Remember, collaborating with influential personalities could be the key to unlocking massive growth on TikTok.

5. Track your performance

Time to crunch some numbers. Your journey doesn't end with creating killer content or collaborating with influencers; you gotta measure your success too. Thankfully, TikTok has in-app features to help you do exactly that. 

The basics of TikTok analytics

  • Follower insights: Get to know your followers' demographics, like gender distribution and top territories to tailor your content accordingly.
  • Content insights: Dive into the data on how well each video performs. Check out views count, average watch time, and more.
  • Traffic source types: Find out where viewers discover your videos. Is it the For You page (FYP), search results, or direct profile visits?

Make sense of the numbers and adjusting accordingly

The next step after taking into consideration the results of the analytics is to tweak and finnese your content. It could be a game-changer.

  • If certain types of videos get better engagement rates than others, double down on that style, format or topic.
  • If most followers come from specific regions, consider localising some content for them.
  • A drop in profile visits but an increase in FYP reach means people find your content interesting but not enough to visit your profile. Time to revamp your bio or other details, perhaps?

Remember, it's not just about tracking these figures. It's about interpreting what they mean and adjusting your strategies accordingly. These TikTok growth tools are effective in understanding more about your audience and the type of content they like to see.

Go forth and conquer TikTok stardom-ship!

Growth on TikTok isn't a mystery, it's a science. Your guide to growing on TikTok involves understanding its algorithm, creating engaging content, effectively using hashtags, leveraging influencers, and analysing performance with analytics tools. Remember that a high quality content will put you on the map as a TikTok star. Get a phone that will help you create the content you want to watch and your audience deserves. Visit Mobile Store to get the best deals on devices and start creating amazing content right away.