Workout Lockdown Tips: Apps and Quick Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a stop to all normal activities and adapting to the new normal means finding ways around it to keep to any sense of normal routines. While the gyms are not deemed an essential service as at this point your place of training absolutely is a germ central breeding ground; we also aren’t allowed to walk our dogs and go for a jog on the daily. However, exercise and moving around is most definitely essential for our health during a lockdown of this sort. You probably aren’t getting the same amount of movement as you would at your workplace, be it the mall, factory or office while taking the stairs and grabbing a coffee does add some healthy movement to your body on the daily. So how do you stay fit during a pandemic? You workout at home of course!

If you aren’t a workout at home fundi and feel like you’re ill equipped. We still have some amazing tips to get you moving!

Workout Apps:

Kicking off our ways to stay fit are workout apps! Workout apps are a great way to find handy exercise routines and work according to your rhythm. Most of these apps do not require a subscription. You can opt to premium if you wish later but still enjoy most of the features without doing so. Choose from the likes of home workouts for various part of your body or even for your gender. Everyone is different so you can opt for something to suit your needs. Here are the ones we love:

  • 7 Minute workout
  • HIIT | Interval Workouts by Downward Dog – We love this app for its time keeping ensuring maximum endurance during a workout!
  • 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

Yoga and stretching:

If you’re not the workout at home kind of person then opt for some light yoga and basic stretching to get your blood pumping. Did you know that stretching improves your overall range of movement and decreases your risk of injury in daily activities? Yoga also has a list of benefits like helping improve your flexibility and maintaining a balanced metabolism. If you want to try out a full yoga or stretching workout, here are our favourite apps:

  • Yoga For Beginners – Yoga Poses For Beginners
  • Hatha Yoga for Beginners – Daily Home Poses and Videos
  • Healthy Spine and Straight posture – Back exercises

YouTube videos:

You might not enjoy stringent workouts over an app. In that case, opt to stream a workout video over YouTube. These are completely free, and you can choose from a range of different exercises; cardio to yoga and anything in between. Check out these accounts for some great videos:

  • SELF
  • Body Project
  • MadFit

Use your phone timer:

If you prefer less structured workouts, then why not opt for some casual fun? Set your timer on your phone for a few minutes and then do fun activities like jumping jacks or running on the spot? Get your kids or partner involved and have some fun altogether? Your time will help you keep track! You can also opt to use equipment like a jump rope or hula hoops for some fun. Remember, you can do these activities untimed and just have some fun!


Dance is a great way to stay fit especially when you can’t head out to the gym or it’s raining outside. Stream some workout music over a Spotify playlist or Soundcloud mix and get moving! If you’re a parent, get your kids involved! Everyone loves moving and it’s a great way to stay in shape!

Exercise your mind:

While we highly focus on our physical health, don’t forget to exercise your mind and take some time out for yourself, we highly recommend apps like Headspace, Calm and Tide for these.

How are you keeping fit this lockdown?